Clarkston Community School District’s Teacher Of The Year

The Suburban Collection has been busy awarding teachers from districts around the surrounding areas with new vehicle leases. These teachers have been recognized by their school districts as deserving of praise for their hard work both as representatives of their school districts and as mentors to their students.

Michael Lewis of Clarkston Community Schools was a recent addition to our Teacher Of The Year list. Michael is a band teacher and band director at Clarkston High School, part of the Clarkston School District, in southeastern Michigan area that proudly attends to over 8,000 students.

John Duley, Sales Manager at Suburban Ford of Waterford, was at the initial ceremony to honor Michael Lewis with his brand new vehicle lease. As always, these small moments of recognition are so much fun to be a part of. Being able to give back to these teachers who have dedicated their lives to their profession is so humbling. It reminds them that they have a solid support system that recognizes their hard work and dedication to building their school district into something substantial, while doing all they can to provide their students with the best education possible.

Michael Lewis is the perfect example of this type of teacher, which is evident in his district choosing him as their Teacher Of The Year. Here is a picture of Suburban Ford’s John Duley congratulating Michael. He had the choice between a Ford Fusion, Edge, Escape, Explorer, F150, Fiesta, Flex, Focus, or Mustang.

david t. fischer TOTY clarkston

After a few weeks of deliberation, Michael chose a silver Ford Edge! Here is a picture of him standing in front of his new vehicle:

david t. fischer TOTY clarkston2

Michael, congratulations again on earning such a respected title as Teacher Of The Year. We hope you enjoy your new Ford Edge, just in time for cruising around with the windows down this summer!

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